Flourish depends on donor support to provide vital services for participants who need financial assitantace. We call donors like you "Cultivators" because your support helps us achieve independence! when you make a donation today, you will help change the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, such as autism. Here are the ways your dollars can make a difference:

Your $25o donation will assist 10 adults, with differing abilities, in making friends in the Cullman community.  More than half of adults with developmental disabilities suffer from depression, so meaningful friendships and social outlets are critical to their well-being. That's Flourish offers social groups and one-on-one couseling.

Your $500 donation will help 10 adults with developmental disabilities gain meaningful empolyment through on-the-job training and long term support. We believe that being gainfully employed is critical to achieving indpendence. In addition, employment means partcipants are contriuting members of the Cullman community as taxpapers.

Your $1000 donation will assist 10 adults with developmental disabilities to live indpendently in their own aparment. It is our goals to provide a support team of Life Coaches, JobCoaches so that participants in our community can learn to manage their own household and live successfully on their own.

Your $15000 donation will assist 10 adults with developmental disabilities maintain employment, live independently, and make friends in Cullman community. Flourish's unique approach of community-based, wrap-around support is hightly effective. That's why we say everyday is Independence Day at Flourish!

Bronze Sponsorship $250.00 USD

Silver Sponsorship $500.00 USD

Gold Sponsorship $1,000.00 USD

Platinum Sponsorship $1,500.00 USD

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